Last Activity: 04/29

Ship Of The Rising Sun

Genre: Rock/Fusion/World

Email: azurimoon@yahoo.com


Started by founding trio members Azuri Zen Moon, Kc Cohn and Danny Beallo and completed with Uriel Moon Ship of the Rising Sun emerged out of the fragmented pieces of past bands this genre testing rock/fusion band with strong ideals began in 2007 and has since played all over the Los Angeles area spreading their classic rock/jazz/funk/and world music influences to try and stand on the for front of a new fusion genre even opening for such bands as flock of seagulls. Music is as fundamentally innate as anything in this world, to us it is in the highest acclaim. We have a strong attachment and belief in the art of improvisation and continue to master and express the plethora of emotions that that holds trying to present an intelligent, danceable, music orgasm that we can all enjoy. Come be a part of new music, a new movement and an evolving world with us. "Keep playing on to the new day." Ship

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