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Genre: beatbox/dubstep/electro/hiphop/pop/instrumental/trap



Vincent Bantasan, better known as EVMB when he hits the stage, is a beatboxer/vocal percussionist. Born in Queens, New York and raised in Los Angeles, California. In His passion for music, he actively discourages classification of his sound, attempting to remain on the eclectic edge of the commercial music. His goal is to gain respect for beatboxing as a true art form on its own merits. Vincent began beatboxing in 2001 and has taken the time to master the art, able to recreate full songs, with accompaniment by himself without instrumentation, able to sing a chorus and provide a backing beat simultaneously, able to invoke impressions of singers on a whim. - Performed at Featured Acoustic Playlist (FAP) in San Diego -Makinig 2 at George Mason University in Virginia - Ultimate Brawl 2010 at University of California, Riverside -Appeared and Interviewed on Kababayan LA w/Jannelle So - Opened up for Snoop Dogg in April at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) - Opened up for Judith Hill -Opened up for Childish Gambino in October at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) -Opened up for Secondhand Serenade in April at USC -Performed at Urban Street Jam 2012 at Anaheim Convention Center -Performed at Summer Meltdown 2012 w/Iration - Finalist on the Spanish show, " Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento " -Performed at FPAC 21 / Opened up for Rex Navarette -Performed/Co-hosted with Kristen Paruginog at FilAm Fest 2012 in San Diego -Opened up for XZIBIT at The Key Club Headlined North Hollywood Music Festival w/The R3jectz,New Boyz, Bobby Brackin, and Nick Cannon. -Opened for KRS-ONE in January at The Social in Chatsworth, CA -Opened up for Adam DeVine )WORKAHOLICS) and PENTATONIX in January at USC -Performed at Summer Meltdown 2013 w/ Rome (SUBLIME) Performed alongside Youtube stars: AJ Rafael, JR Aquino, Kris Mark, Kevin Lien, Dawen, Jenny Suk, and Jet Li and Can from Poreotics EVMB takes his beatboxing beyond the traditional hip-hop influences into a much wider range of contemporary styles. The ability to express himself through a different way gives him the opportunity to explore the art with different projects and concepts. Achievements: 2007: 2nd place: United Threads Beatbox Competition (San Fernando, California) 2010 1st place : California State University, Northridge Talent Show 2010 1st place: University of Maryland Talent Show 2010 Irvine Beatbox Champion (Irvine, California) 2010 Lancaster Beatbox Champion (Lancaster, California) 2011 Irvine Beatbox Champion (Irvine, California) 2011 Urban Street Jam Beatbox Champion (Anaheim, California) Radio appearance and recorded jingles for 98.7 -Z RADIO (Baguio City, Philippines) 2012 First Beatbox Battle winner at The Parlor (Hollywood,Ca) 2012 Ranked as one of the Top 16 beatboxers in the Nation 2x Defending Beatbox Champion of The Parlor (Hollywood, Ca) 1st place- Night of Expressions Talent Show-California State Univeristy, Northridge. Follow me on Twitter @EVMB1 Facebook Page YouTube Page Instagram: EVMB17

Registered Events
Make Music LA Meets ATX
  • Time: 07:00PM - 11:45PM
  • Venue: ATX by Kitchen12000
  • About: ATX by Kitchen12000 is located in Atwater Village. Though the venue is hidden from the mains street of Glendale Ave., once discovered, it's a special place to find raw, talented, and passionate individuals who just want to perform. Oh yeah, we also serving our new summer menu! We are now all booked with 4 musical acts! Visit our page for more info: