Last Activity: 05/28

Doug Jaymes

Genre: Singer Songwriter



Phone: 8187202400

Neighborhood: Silverlake Los Feliz


Most artists pride themselves on being outsiders. Singer/songwriter Doug Jaymes boasts an opposite story: He’s a music business insider turned indie insurgent, and his debut EP Get Over It proved he made the right choice switching sides. Jaymes’ industry experience came working for a music management company. He started out picking up Bonnie Raitt’s dry cleaning and feeding Rickie Lee Jones’ chickens when she was out on tour. Within a few years he was coordinating daily tour schedules for Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, and Beck. A decade behind the scenes and Jaymes felt his creative spirit dimming and disappearing. He left to revive his muse. “I never feel more alive than when I’m playing and singing. It’s the most honest expression of my thoughts and feelings… When you’re locked in, it feels like you’re communicating from the soul.” The statement is classic Jaymes: humble and heartfelt. His EP follows suit. Produced by Music Evolutions, Get Over It features four tracks with a late ‘90s influenced pop sound a la Marcy Playground, Elliott Smith, and Hayden. Sparse arrangements create a subtle bed for earnest lyrics about getting hurt and getting on. Jaymes is an expert on the topic. Between his defection from music management and his rebirth as a recording artist, he became a therapist, helping mentally ill teens figure out their thoughts and feelings. He says his work helped him grow as a songwriter, reconnecting him with his own inner voice. “Writing songs has always been my own therapy — a way to go deep into emotions, get them out, and get over it!”

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