Last Activity: 05/24

Loto Ball

Genre: Art Rock

Email: email@reversibleeye.net


Loto Ball began reaching the people in the early 90s playing trumpet and messing around in weird punk bands until he started his own group the Boy Scouts of Annihilation with his Los Angeles friend Rich Moreno (New Collapse, Centimeters, Frank Alpine). He toured the West Coast with the Scouts but had his first national tours in the mid-90s with Chicken John’s (GG Allin) Circus Redickuless, performing as organist and clown. In the latter half of the 90s, the Boy Scouts of Annihilation became something of Los Angeles noise punk legends due to their dismal repetitive music and Loto’s outlandish sense of theatre. In 1999, this reputation drew Oakland’s Phantom Limbs to recruit Loto as front man. Loto Ball’s visceral expression of existential distress laced with black comedy, along with the hyper-charged and unusual compositions of keyboardist Stevenson Sedgwick helped earn his band the honor of No. 1 Indie Rock Band in San Francisco (S.F. Bay Guardian Best of the Bay awards 2003) and the chance to record two albums withJello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles record label. After 5 years and 220 performances with The Phantom Limbs, including 3 U.S. tours and 2 European tours, Loto Ball left the band in 2005 to move to Chicago. In the Windy City, Loto involved himself in many collaborations and ongoing projects, including zany circus-punk marching band Mucca Pazza, the Arts of Life artist community, Reversible Eye gallery, and the Loto Ball Show. Loto has been branching out into new medias and forms of expression. He toured the central and southern states in December 2009 with a band and a dance troupe. He toured Europe Fall 2010 with his solo performance utilizing trumpet, keyboard, and electronics. He continued this lineup in 2011 with an East Coast tour in April and two West Coast tours in April and August. Loto moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2012 and has been performing locally and starting to work with producer Phillip Haut (Ariel Pink, Centimeters)

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