Last Activity: 05/28

Washing Machines

Genre: rock & roll / experimental pop / psych punk / cheap fun

Email: machinesarewashing@gmail.com

Website: http://washingmachines.bandcamp.com

Neighborhood: Hollywood, Silverlake, Echo Park


A Shaggs ripoff "Washing Machines is my new favorite LA band. their music makes me want to start a record label and management label so i can sign them and manage them. if you don't know who they are, you for sure will in a couple months - when they're everywhere and rightfully so... the live show is a must see." Shane Carpenter / LA Phun & All Scene Eye (4/24/2013) "If you tell me you’ve heard of them, you’re lying. If you tell me you know what they mean when they call themselves a “dank rock and roll” band, you’re lying... The music is raw... their blend of screaming, frenzied guitars and scratchy, throaty vocals bring to mind Merchants, one of our local favorites... I imagine a lot of local, loyal fans campaigning for Washing Machine’s ascent to the top of the Billboard charts, or at the very least the tenth spot..." Joe Speranza / buffaBLOG (4/13/2013) "This band categorizes themselves as "Experimental Pop", a local L.A. band as well, these five really have their sound set... The vocals are sexy, making you want to just stand in their presence and listen. This band commands the crowd, lulling everyone with their soft beats." Word of Mouth / Lend Me Your Ear (3/12/2013) "Washing Machines... lo-fi indie / garage rock that caught my attention... They vary things with airy backing vocals and fuzzy guitar. It’s an interesting combination that works quite nicely... kind of initially triggering thoughts of stuff like Gun Outfit... it's these odd little hints that takes me back to bands they probably have no intention of sounding anything like... look forward to hearing what this band does with the sound they’ve developed, it’s right up my street, and is just a heartbeat and a tiny bit of polish away from being superb." Andy Malcolm / http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/ (03/06/2013)

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