Last Activity: 06/03

The Ones

Genre: Indie Folk/ Folk Rock

Email: theonesinfo@gmail.com

Website: http://theonesband.com

Phone: 323-420-5435

Neighborhood: Hollywood


We are THE ONES ♥ We stand for music that unites everyone together in a common theme of love and happiness. Music is the language of the soul, and we want to express all the Earthian emotions and feelings people go through. We want to bring people together with our music, spin within life, love, and a conscious awareness of living on this Earth.We are an Indie Folk/Rock band that focuses on lots of beautiful melodies and harmonies, fun loving music. One Love :) The band started with lead singer Salome and lyricist Boris coming together and co-creating this band. Salome wrote the melodies and Boris would write the lyrics. Then joined Ronojoy, he plays guitar and backup vocals. Kaspars plays drums and percussions, Ludvig plays guitar and the mandolin, and Richard plays on Viola. Most of the band members are from all different parts of the world but still part of the same Earth beautiful roots. Which is why are all one.. The Ones :)

Registered Events
The Ones
  • Time: 02:30PM - 03:30PM
  • Venue: Caffe Vita
  • About: We are an Indie Folk/Rock band that would love the opportunity to perform at your venue. Our music is all about spreading love, hope, and awareness to people. We have experience in performing at different venues and are in the process of creating our EP. We will be putting up some of our songs and videos on our website very soon. Thank you so much. If you want any other information let us know and we would love to give you it. Thank you so much.
sunset triangle plaza concert
  • Time: 06:00PM - 07:00PM
  • Venue: Sunset Triangle Plaza
  • About: official time set: 6:20PM, 20 min set, unplugged acoustic only. please also consider staying until the end of the concert for an all-star musician & community jam that will close out the concert. we would love to feature you in this as well. more details coming in separate email soon. thank you!