Last Activity: 06/01

Axel Mansoor

Genre: Singer/Songwriter - Acoustic/Folk/R&B/Indie



Phone: 6504776758

Neighborhood: Silverlake/Echo Park


What happens when you combine the intricate acoustic and bluesy guitar work of John Mayer with the smoky R&B vocals of Seal and Incubus' songwriting sensibilities? You get Axel Mansoor. Axel's versatile songwriting and soulful sound gracefully intertwines elements of Blues, Rock, Alternative, and Indie Folk, all while topping it off with live shows charged with emotion and pure honesty. Axel is currently in the studio recording his full length album, two years after having raised $2800 through Kickstarter to release his debut EP, "Inside Voices"! Recommended Listening: Music Cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons - This cover/mashup got re-posted by Andy McKee! - Video for original song Work & Play (also on the EP) - My 5 song EP Listen to: "Trouble", "The Remedy"

Registered Events
MMLA - Alegria on Sunset
  • Time: 01:00PM - 01:45PM
  • Venue: Alegria on Sunset
  • About: Hey there! My name is Axel Mansoor and I'm a solo acoustic performer (I can bring a cajonist too). I've played a lot of coffee shops/chill vibe places, as well as bigger traditional venues, and it sounds like this would be a great fit. I can play anywhere from a 30 min - 2 hour set. Check out my profile to get a sense of my music, but it's indie/folk/R&B stuff.
Make Music LA Meets ATX
  • Time: 08:00PM - 09:00PM
  • Venue: ATX by Kitchen12000
  • About: ATX by Kitchen12000 is located in Atwater Village. Though the venue is hidden from the mains street of Glendale Ave., once discovered, it's a special place to find raw, talented, and passionate individuals who just want to perform. Oh yeah, we also serve delicious food :)