Last Activity: 07/02


Genre: Funk/Jazz/Rock

Email: lifeinaglasshouse39@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.earthboundmusic.bandcamp.com

Phone: 323-459-2278

Neighborhood: South Pasadena


Upcoming shows at Los Globos in Silverlake June 4th and 25th. We are a 5-piece group of Musician's Institute alumnus that weave complexly compositional tunes with improvisational jams. In February, we released our debut, self-titled home-recorded album which can be heard at www.earthboundmusic.bandcamp.com Mastering engineer Catharine Wood, a co-owner of Estevez-Wood Productions in Los Angeles, describes it as "outer-space electro-jazz avant-garde." Despite our experimental nature, we still deploy conventional pop techniques making the music seem familiar yet far out.

Registered Events
Sunset Triangle Plaza