Last Activity: 06/03

Me & Mr. Cassidy

Genre: pop/folk

Email: sbcscottyboy@gmail.com

Website: http://www.meandmrcassidy.com

Phone: 406-661-6125

Neighborhood: Echo Park


“Scott Cassidy & Hope Leigh Rollins are a breath of fresh air in today's "one sound fits all" market. They are a return of the storyteller.” – LA Examiner ​ Me & Mr. Cassidy is what you get when you put two songbirds and their musical friends on stage in front of adoring listeners. Playing together since October, 2010, Hope Leigh Rollins and Scott Cassidy have grown from small back-room shows to the stages of House of Blues and XM Sirius Radio, filling each room with their infectious singer-songwriter sound that has been built and crafted through the two minds together. Scott, with his passion for classics like James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac, brings his golden-oldie-folk taste to the same table where Hope brings her love of brighter pop music from artists like Ingrid Michaelson and Adele. ​ The band's first album, "Volume 1" (2011), uses all 12 tracks to tell the story of two lovers throughout their lives together. Following their first release, both were eager to take their writing back to reality, and in 2013, released their sophomore album, "I Would Love You So..." with songs reflecting on their own personalities, feelings and relationships. ​ And as their sound has grown, their band has grown. With anything from backup singers and pianos to violins and harps, they hope that each stage, each recording, and each performance brings their songs to life in new ways for the listener. Be sure to catch them as they continue onward and upward in their own story.

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