Last Activity: 06/04

Janelle Love

Genre: Jazz/Blues/Rock/Soul

Email: mamajanilla@att.net


I'm an amateur singer with a little scattered experience here and there. I've always been too nervous and afraid to really attack my gift. I've been singing as long as I can remember. Since I was teeny tiny. I've done a little musical theater, taken a few classes, and I've sang at some weddings, but that's pretty much it. I'm a wife and a mom of two young boys. My husband is a musician so we have a very musical household. In one day you may hear anything from Billie Holiday to Bob Marley, from Mumford and Sons to Michael Jackson, from Pink Floyd to Etta James. Random. Everyone sings along. I sing all day long. In the car. In the shower. Doing the dishes. Giving my kids a bath. Whenever. When a song is in my head I HAVE to sing it, and I have to sing the hell out of it. This sounds like something that may pull me out of my musical hiding place. Like therapy. Pick me.

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