Last Activity: 06/21


Genre: Acoustic Soul/Hip Hop



Phone: (323)251-4969

Neighborhood: Beverlywood


A renaissance man (Harlem Renaissance that is), TONY B. CONSCIOUS is the personification of AFRICAN-AMERICAN culture. He is (amongst other things) A B-BOY, BEATBOX,EMCEE, GRAFFITI/VISUAL ARTIST (known as “THE GHETTO VAN-GO”), Poet/ Spoken Word Artist, Vocalist, AUTHOR, ACTIVIST, VEGAN VEGETARIAN and PHILOSOPHER. AS a member of THE UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION, THE TEMPLE OF HIP HOP and AGAPE INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL CENTER, he seeks to use each and every element of HIP HOP to inspire, educate , motivate and redirect the inner-city youth and the HIP HOP COMMUNITIES WORLDWIDE to a place of balance, harmony, creativity, PEACE & LOVE. He has not only worked for the OBAMA campaign (coined “The Obama Hip Hop Hype Man”), he has also been on stage and on tour with KRS-ONE, GRANDMASTER FLASH, KOOL HERC, BUSY BEE, PUBLIC ENEMY, KOOL MO DEE, GRANDMASTER CAZ, PARIS, TUPAC and ERYKAH BADU just to name a few. HE is and will be, until he passes on to the next dimension, truly the personification of HIP HOP, Poetry, Funk & Soul music.

This Artist have no registered performances at this time.