Ame Kora (aka Amadou Fall)

Genre: African

Email: dufal11@yahoo.fr

Phone: (619) 721-0825


Amadou Fall is a native to Senegal, West Africa and comes from a family of musicians. His father, Mamadou Fall, was a guitarist who played with several well-known Senegalese musicians, one being Baba Maal. Amadou is the one that brought the Kora to his family at the age of 10. The Kora which is a 21 stringed instrument of fishing line, is made from wood, Calabash (Gourd) and cow skin. The sound of the Kora might remind Westerners of a guitar, but the size and shape of the instrument are vastly different. It is traditionally described as an African harp that is played between the legs of the player in a sitting position. The body of the Kora is a hollow gourd covered with cow or antelope hide. Twenty-one strings are connected to the bottom of the gourd and stretched to the top of the long pole neck. The Kora is often played with other instruments but also has a sensory impact when played solo with a griot, or chanter.

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