Last Activity: 04/06

Sunny Jackson

Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop, Funk



Sunny Jackson is a Los Angeles based poet, emcee, and humanitarian promoting positivity through music and the art of expression. With a rare ability to relate to people of diverse backgrounds he embodies the raw essence of rhythm and poetry in a way that taps directly into the soul of true hip hop listeners. His never ending arsenal of heart-felt topics and hard hitting lyrics have made him one of the West coast’s most sought out artist to ever display the level of talent he provides to the masses. Sunny Jackson is a wordsmith skilled in the art of written rhyme. A craft he believes provides food for thought and nurtures the soul of every listener with an appetite for true to life music. His music is a written testament of trials and issues relative to everyday living, carefully worded to speak directly to the heart of his listeners. Sunny Jackson’s influences include jazz, neo soul, funk, disco, and of course “true school” hip-hop.

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