Last Activity: 04/09


Genre: folkpop



MeowMeowProject is a folk-pop music project headed by Deborah Lee Proaño who plays solo most of the time, and at other times with a revolving group of musicians. MeowMeowProject made its debut performance in "HomeClub" Singapore in 2007 and had many more performances in various venues throughout Singapore, Thailand and America in the next few years following the first performance. In 2010, Deborah moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream of writing music for film. She took a certificate course in film-scoring in UCLA Extension. Having written many more songs in between 2007 and now, and being better equipped in music production and orchestration skills, Deborah is now working on producing her debut singer-songwriter album along with her husband and fellow musician, Esteban Proaño. The album is scheduled for release in December 2013.

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